Fun and Safe Hobbies for Older Adults

Hobbies that you enjoy are important at every age, but especially in your senior years. Hobbies bring you joy, help you learn new skills, offer opportunities to socialize and keep your cognitive skills sharp. Engaging in a hobby can help you feel a sense of purpose and can give you an outlet when other things in life feel heavy or difficult.

Retirement is a perfect time to explore new hobbies. No matter if you are living at home, in a senior community, an assisted living facility or a memory care facility, there are plenty of hobbies for older adults that offer mental, physical and emotional benefits.

Hobbies for Older Adults

For many seniors, hobbies are limited by mobility issues, budget or time constraints or travel restrictions. However, there are many hobbies for older adults that can work around these barriers to add fun and enjoyment to your daily routine. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Take a class.

Maybe you have always wanted to explore a new field of study or sharpen your current skills. With classes offered in person and online at many locations, now is a perfect time to dive into life-long learning!

Join a book club.

This is a great way to combine socializing and learning. Books are an excellent escape from the day-to-day and sharing opinions about books allows you to learn from others, while sharing your own thoughts and feelings.


If you are able to get out in the community, volunteering is a wonderful way to support your neighbors. There are volunteer opportunities that cover all sorts of interests; some even provide transportation and most offer very flexible scheduling.


If you are looking for a hobby that allows you to explore your artistic side, photography could be the way to go. No matter where you live, there are opportunities to get out and find places to take photographs.

Take a walk.

This is a wonderful pastime for you if you enjoy fresh air and want to keep some form of exercise as part of your daily routine. Walking is also a great way to socialize, either in walking groups or with family members.

Enjoy the birds.

For residents at the Stratford Commons Memory Care Community, the secure courtyard offers a perfect space to socialize, enjoy nature and watch the birds. Bird watching can be a hobby where you learn about the native birds in the area, where you log which birds you see on a daily basis or combine hobbies and photograph birds!


If you are looking for sedentary hobbies, genealogy is an excellent option. You can use digital tools to learn about where you and your family come from and travel through time without leaving the comfort of your home.

Learn a foreign language.

This is another great way to keep your mind active, even if you have travel limitations or mobility concerns. You can use books, online courses or audio classes to learn a new language and keep your speaking skills sharp!


Spending time outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul. This pastime is perfect if you enjoy time outside and have an interest in plants. Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies for older adults in the US.

Sing or play music.

These hobbies can offer socialization opportunities and a way to express your artistic side. Try studying an instrument or learning to read music to increase your skills, or simply enjoy the songs or music you already know and enjoy as a way to stay connected to your past.

These are just a few ideas of hobbies for older adults – there are many, many more! If you live in a senior care community, like Stratford Commons, there are amenities and options for entertainment and hobbies right on site. This allows residents to keep their bodies and minds engaged while staying in touch with their interests.

Staying Safe and Engaged

At Stratford Commons, we provide a comfortable, safe, engaging environment where you or your loved one can connect with seniors with similar interests. In addition to offering on-site fitness programs, top-tier meal plans and luxuries, such as a whirlpool and on-site beauty salon and barber shop, the Stratford Commons team works with your family and your physician to create a personalized care plan that helps you to reach your goals.

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