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What To Ask About Dementia Care

The search for a memory care community often comes with stress and urgency. The uncertainty about finding the right place for mom or dad while simultaneously processing related feelings and concerns – this can make the search a challenge. Knowing in advance what questions to ask, crafting your plan for reviewing area choices of memory care communities, and engaging other family members in the search – these are the necessary steps for demystifying and managing your search.

What to Consider When Choosing a Memory Care Facility

When it’s your loved one who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, your goal is undoubtedly to ensure they’ll be happy and secure in the memory care facility you choose. Depending on their overall health, you’ll also need to consider which level of care they need – from the helping hand of an assisted living facility to the all-encompassing care of a nursing home.

Stratford Commons Memory Care Community Offers Tips for Your Search

We can help you find the answers you need as you review types of care, specialized programs and the training of staff members charged with taking care of your loved one and his or her changing cognitive abilities. These are our tips.


Memory care communities are secure, and residents remain indoors to prevent wandering. Outdoor gardens and recreational spaces are also secure. Otherwise, residents will only leave the campus during carefully supervised outings. Access to off-campus shopping, dining and entertainment – desirable for most senior living communities – isn’t as important for memory care. Access to medical services is, however.

Additionally, a community in proximity to you and your family is highly desirable because it makes visiting easier.


Seeing is believing. Your tour of a community, guided by an informed member of the community’s staff, will enlighten with facts and feelings. We recommend you bring a friend or family member and that you agree ahead of your visit who’ll be in charge of asking all your questions – and who will take notes.

14 Questions to Ask on Your Memory Care Tour

You may have additional questions to add to this list of common – and necessary – questions.

  1. How does the community customize a treatment plan for each resident?
  2. At move-in, how is a resident oriented to the community?
  3. Will special needs be accommodated – for example, diabetes, Kosher diets, physical aggressiveness, confusion – and how are they managed?
  4. Do residents’ cognitive abilities determine how they are grouped for activities?
  5. How often are family members contacted about their loved one’s general health and well-being?
  6. What are the routine procedures for communicating with a resident’s family members?
  7. How are staff trained, and what qualifies them to provide service in this memory care community?
  8. During the day, what’s the ratio of staff to residents – and how does that change for the night?
  9. Can residents expect to receive assistance with the tasks of daily living (walking, feeding, dressing and grooming, toileting, bathing, transferring)?
  10. In the event of medical emergencies, what procedures are followed?
  11. Which doors are kept locked for resident safety?
  12. What are the monthly rates, and what’s included?
    • Private or semi-private rooms?
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?
    • Housekeeping and laundry service? How often?
  13. Does the community offer brochures, or can it provide detailed descriptions of the group activities – recreational, educational, fitness, etc. – it provides?
  14. What memory care-specific programs are in use?
So How Do You Find the Right Memory Care Community?

The right choice means an exceptional setting for your loved one’s comfort, engagement and safety. At Stratford Commons, for example, you’ll find a secure program in which your loved one will have nutritious dining, social programs, 24-hour supervision, access to medical care and specialized memory care programs customized to his or her preferences and needs. We grow our success through:

  • Respect for each resident
  • Well-trained staff members
  • Ongoing dialogue with residents’ families and physicians
  • Dedication to making every day in your loved one’s life a very good day

For More Information, Call.

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