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Who Can Be Helped by a Memory Care Program?

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia are often cared for by loving family members. When their need for care begins to exceed what these generous caregivers can provide, an assisted living community or other care option with a memory care facility may be required. For caregivers, turning to professional dementia care for the specialized memory care such a program provides simply extends the care and support they already offer. Courtyard Memory Care with its exceptional Thrive programming is precisely that kind of special care.

How memory care can help you.

When it’s your loved one who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, you want to make the right choices to ensure their security and happiness. Chance are, you came to the role of caregiving unexpectedly: You and your family decided to do what needed to be done.

For example, you might have noticed changes in your mother’s behavior, and the diagnosis of dementia wasn’t surprising. The surprise came when you understood she couldn’t live alone any longer. And perhaps then you decided to move her into your house where you could watch over her. After all, what else could you do? And then the months passed, and you could see that your health, your family’s equilibrium and your mother’s sense of well-being were beginning to spin out of control. That’s when a specialized memory care program can help.

As another example, maybe your story has unfolded slowly. You visited Dad for the holidays and discovered his house was uncharacteristically messy. He looked like he might have lost weight. You straightened up the house, phoned your siblings and decided to schedule Meals on Wheels and weekly housecleaning. Now, six months later, you learn he’s called off the housekeeper, and he’s been stockpiling those delivered meals in the refrigerator and freezer. It can feel frustrating – and a little frightening – when you’re uncertain what your dad needs. You look into assisted living facilities. You search online. And eventually it begins to come clear: He needs a level of care only found in a memory support program.

When an older adult can no longer safely function because of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, a memory care community can provide the answer with specialized programs and trained professionals skilled in managing seniors’ changing cognitive abilities.

Give your loved one the support they deserve.

A memory care facility provides an extraordinary setting for comfort, engagement and safety. Consider, for example, the benefits of our Courtyard Memory Care, a secure program in which your loved one will have nutritious dining, social programs, 24-hour supervision, access to medical care, and specialized memory care programs customized to his or her preferences and needs. This setting will offer your loved one:

  • Utmost respect, patience and kindness
  • Specially trained staff devoted to meeting his or her individual needs
  • The best care options possible, ensured by ongoing dialogue with you and physicians
  • Thrive programming that elevates the experience of daily life

Thrive helps people in memory care feel more independent, maintain their existing skills and learn new ones. Anchored in a life-history tool, this special program is a customized approach to caring for each person. We make it meaningful for them, and we incorporate their past experiences, physical skills, current interests, routines and hobbies into activities that deliver a higher quality, more satisfying daily life.

Everything provided in Courtyard Memory Care is carefully managed to optimize each resident’s quality of life. The goal is simple. At the conclusion of each day, your loved one should be able to tell you, “I had a good day.”

How do you find a memory care program?

Often, a medical provider can direct you toward sources of help, including memory care communities.

Memory care is sometimes found in a senior living community that also offers other levels of living, such as independent living, assisted living, skilled care or rehabilitation services. And sometimes, a senior care community specializes in and provides only memory care.

What’s in it for you?

Memory care helps people take care of themselves better. For the resident, the personal support and highly individualized care gives a sense of purpose and meaning. And the security and focus on wellness ensures overall well-being. For caregivers, the confidence of knowing your loved one is well taken care of and content is a satisfying relief.

Peace of mind begins now.

Find out more about Courtyard Memory Care and Thrive. Visit our website or call us at 913-851-8660 to discover how we can help you and your family.